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I love bald men and skinheads.

are we thinking about the same kind of people? like does that term mean something else in England?

Skins originated in England (see my latest post). I’m assuming this is a mix up between deciding to shave your head and deciding to be a far-right Neo Nazi. I’m vaguely aware that in America there is some affiliation between the two, but I don’t automatically assume that someone who shaves their head is a crazy racist. It’s a look. And I like it :)

Hate is baggage.
Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time.
It’s just not worth it.

I love bald men and skinheads.

I love roleplay ;)

Buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce.

operationelevation asked:
You are hella DOPE & BEAUTIFUL

Hey :) Thankyou xxx