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As these muffins went a little cone shaped, I decided to fill them with vanilla buttercream and turn them into mini sandwich cakes.

Making banana muffins :)

Can’t wait to get my matching green thigh highs ;)

Feet request.

In the cheapy shop getting some bits

#BriLife Irish guy shouting “Excuse me, Whitney Houston… Come here” at the station
He’s very cute but on that basis, I refuse.

There is the most beautiful little girl at the station. She’s got afro puffs and she’s wearing little Timbaland boots and she’s with her dad pointing to random objects and asking loudly “DAD, IS THAT BIRD POO??”

So cuteeeh

singlesword asked:
Lots of photos of food on your blog,what's your favourite.

Something involving cheese haha.
Probably a nice lasagne with garlic bread as a comfort food, and lobster linguine as a restaurant dish.

Wtf the guy working in the cafe at Shoreditch station just followed me to the platform and got all “friendly” giving me his whole weeks shift times

Guess ill be avoiding that station then.

Cheese on toast with Lea and Perrins. If you know, you know.