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Why is it that Tumblr can understand that some guys like PVC outfits, some guys like threesomes, some guys like rough sex (etc), but it can’t understand that NOT EVERY WOMAN ENJOYS A TONGUE ON HER VAGINA.

A lot of guys think they can get ahead by bragging about how they love to eat pussy (the same guys who would have said it was disgusting 5 years ago). Well they can’t get ahead with me. Because the media does not dictate my sexual preferences.
Here I am, a completely sexually liberated woman, no intimacy issues or anything. Have sex when I want it (most days). And I don’t like the physical sensation of tongue+vagina.
The next hilarious myth is that “you just haven’t had it done well”…No. If you ask a man if he wants a penis up his ass and he says no, the automatic response wouldn’t be “you just haven’t had the right penis up there” yet somehow as a woman there is a collective feeling that we musttt like the same things. A lot of men are completely lacking in any intuition. A womans orgasm is not an obstacle course where you simply do a set of things to achive the result. It is a walk through the woods where there are many many different paths to the other side. You eat pussy? I’m very happy for you. But if that’s your trick, if that’s all you’ve got, then you’re not revolutionary- you’re just as boring as the guy who does missionary the whole time.

Guys come up to me “I just love eating pussy” all happy with themselves thinking I’ll wet myself with excitement, but not realising that it actually makes me feel sick. Not realising (as blindingly obvious as it is) that not all women are the same. The next question is “why don’t you like it?” As if you can choose what sensations you find pleasurable. As if one day you can decide on these things. When I say that I don’t like olives and do like chocolate cake no one asks why, but when a woman expresses the fact that she isn’t amongst the media’s “norm” sexually, everyone rushes to diagnose a simple case of personal taste. We should not have to justify our sexuality.

I’m going to bed.




guttersandgalleries literally has the perfect body.
My motivation 💕

That’s really so lovely and kind of you to say. Thankyou :) xxx

Baby got back.

9am, the sun is shining through the blinds.
I’m in bed wearing nothing but a white lace thong, we are under the duvet. I’ve woken up before you, and you are sleeping on your side facing me. I snuggle up under your chin, my hair brushing your face and making you smile in your sleep. “I’m horny,” I whisper, but you don’t wake up. I rub my hand slowly over your cock and it hardens slightly. Should I wake you?

The Catholic schoolgirl in me, decides not-

"God helps those who help themselves."

Sister Mary knew some things about life.

I tip your shoulder so you are on your back. Then, slowly and delicately I pull your shorts down inch by inch over your thighs, then off, over your Pringle socks. Socks to bed? Silly :) 

"I’m horny wake up…" I’m under your chin again and kiss you lightly on the neck. It was a long night and you are fast asleep. I creep out of bed. A few minutes later I creep back under the duvet, wearing white stockings. I’m on all fours with my head resting just above your cock. I take you in my mouth, moving slowly and softly, feeling you get hard. You try to roll over but I tip your shoulder back. Instinctively your hand reaches out and strokes my hair. It feels nice. I get my head right down and start licking your balls and I feel your cock slowly rise and fall in pleasure. You make a noise in your sleep and I can feel you starting to wake up. I feel your other hand softy in my hair, pushing my head down. 

You wake up, tilting your head back and stretching out. I start a faster pace, using my tongue and I can feel you throbbing in my mouth. You lift the duvet a few inches and can first see just my white stockings, ass, and back of my thong. You lift another few inches and you see my full body under the covers,  my head bobbing up and down, taking it all in my mouth and looking back at you 


"Good morning" I try to say, with my mouth full. I keep rolling my tongue over the head making you go crazy. I turn around and get on top, leaning right over to kiss you. I feel your hands gripping my ass. I love it when you do that. I straighten up to cowgirl and with my thong to one side, move my hips slowly up and down… Teasing you, letting just the tip in. You don’t like being teased. You grab my waist and pull me right down onto you. I scream out loud and you start bouncing me on top, your eyes closed as I tell you how good it feels. I fall forwards onto your chest. You use your hands to bounce my ass on your cock, mainly grabbing it but occasionally giving it a firm spank to remind me who’s in charge.

Still inside me you move us slowly into missionary, holding my hands above my head and with my legs over your shoulders. You’re going so slow and so deep my legs start shaking. My eyes are closed, I want to kiss you. You go too deep a couple of times and I become out of breath, my eyes and mouth opening wide looking at you with a mix of innocence and ecstasy. Very gently you put your hands around my neck and tighten them. You know I like it. My whole body shivers as I almost reach orgasm. I pull your neck down for a kiss, then whisper into your ear.

"Can you take me from behind?"

You are on your knees on the bed waiting for me to get into position. Before I do, I turn to face you, one hand on your neck and and kiss you deeply. I’m pressed right close to you and I feel your hands running down my back and all over me. It feels incredible. I kiss you all the way down from your lips to your belly button and take you in my mouth again, crouching with my ass in the air. I get on all fours in front of you with my back arched. You slip a finger in. I grip your finger tightly as you enter me. It comes out wet. Then I feel you pressing into me, pulling me slowly back on to you. I arch myself all the way back so you can kiss my forehead. I like that you are being very slow and gentle with me. After a little while I change my mind. 

"Call me names" 
I ask you.

You grab my hair with one hand and yank my head back “do you like that, you greedy little slut?”
Getting rough
It’s making me go crazy. 
I cum twice in a row screaming into the pillow and you start cumming a second later, then collapse onto your back breathing heavily. I lie on my side next to you, stroking your chest, also catching my breath. I feel you pull the duvet back over us, then wrap me up in your arms. With my head on your chest I smile up at you and kiss you under the chin. We stay there kissing and cuddling, until the man from IKEA tells us if he catches us having sex in the bed department again he’s going to ban us.

The End :)

Odd stockings ftw